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Dry January 2019

New year, new you. Dry January is the perfect way to start the new year. Swap all your alcoholic drinks for something softer this January to experience some amazing health and wealth benefits.

Join thousands of people around the UK and sign up today for Dry January on

 When you sign up you get the following benefits 

  • Access to a free app, which helps you keep track of your month including tracking how much money and calories you’ve saved and keeping track of how much you are drinking 
  • Receive regular support emails with tips, tricks and information from experts in alcohol to make your month easier and more fun 
  • Get help with drinking healthily all year round 

If you have a drinking problem, contact CGL Waltham Forest on 0203 826 9600 to get help. 

Are you under 18 and have questions about alcohol use? Contact 0300 555 1158 for confidential advice specific to young people.  This service is delivered by NELFT.

Reasons to try dry

It only takes three weeks to break a habit, so going dry this January could be your route to happier, healthier drinking long-term

Alcohol is the biggest cause of death for people aged 15-49 in the UK and is linked with more than 60 health conditions, including liver disease, high blood pressure, depression and cancer. Cutting back on alcohol reduces your risk of developing these conditions. In addition cutting back on alcohol helps with a number of benefits including

  • Save money
  • Lose weight
  • Sleep better
  • More energy
  • Clearer skin
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