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Involving young people

Waltham Forest Council works with young people from the Young Advisors charity and the Youth Independent Advisory Group to involve its young residents in local decision making and improving services.

Young advisors

Young Advisors are young people who work with the council and its partner services to help improve services for young people. They also attend the council’s Children & Families Scrutiny Committee. They are part of the charity Young Advisors.

Twitter: @wfyoungadvisors

Youth Independent Advisory Group (YIAG)

The YIAG is a group of young people, some of whom are ex-offenders, victims of crime or come from areas where youth violence is a part of their lives. They run regular sessions at schools, pupil referral units and the youth offending service. They also engage with the police on how they deal with young people and seek to improve community safety.

The YIAG provide a youth input to the Safer Neighbourhood Board, Stop & Search monitoring group, Communities Scrutiny and the council’s Gang Prevention Programme.

Twitter: @wfyiag

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