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Health in schools

In Waltham Forest we do a lot to support the health of young people.

Being the first borough to ban fast food near schools, we are also working with schools to ensure that people start early to implement a healthy lifestyle.

Read Health in schools: what's the evidence? (word 544KB)

School meals

School meals are a great way to be sure your child is eating a healthy and well-balanced meal during the school day. 

Visit NHS choices for hints and tips on creating healthier lunchboxes.

School nursing

The School Nursing Service aims to promote and protect the health of school children in their developing years. They work with families and young people from five to nineteen, across education and health, providing a link between school, home and the community.

Their services includes immunisations for school age children as well as health education, health promotion and health checks. Every school in Waltham Forest has a school nurse and offer regular drop in sessions to pupils.  

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