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What are my accommodation options? 18+ year-olds

Once you turn 18, additional accommodation options become available to you. Your leaving care coach will work with you to ensure you get the right option for you.

Staying put

This is when arrangements are made for you to continue to live with your current foster carers under a ‘staying put’ arrangement to follow your 18th birthday. This will allow you to continue to stay in familiar surroundings whilst you’re able to make use of the continued support from your foster carer. During this time, you’ll be able to build on your independent life skills, such as gaining greater independence around budgeting, self-care and cooking.

Living independently

Some young people may be ready to live entirely independently with very little support. As a care leaver you’ll be given priority when bidding for council housing. Any decision regarding independent living will be made in discussion with your leaving care coach, to ensure it’s in your best interest.

Can I go back and live with my family?

When you turn 18 you could move back to live with your parents or other family members if you want to, and if they agree to this. It will be very important that you think about this very carefully to make sure that you’re ready to do this and that you’ll be safe.

It may be something you want to discuss with your leaving care coach, a trusted friend, or trusted adult before making any decision.

If you move back to your family and things don’t go well for some reason, you’ll still be entitled to support from the Leaving Care Service – you just need to let us know.

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