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Top-up payments for Care Homes

If you choose a care home more expensive than our agreed rate then a top-up payment might be needed.

The agreed rate is what we have determined to be a fair and reasonable rate for care homes in an area. 

If your care needs are such that you require a care home that’s more than our usual agreed rate, and there is no other care home available in the area to meet your needs, a top-up may not be necessary. These needs are assessed by our social work team.

Paying the top-up

This must be paid by someone other than you or us. It’s usually a family member, friend, employer or voluntary organisation. You may only pay the top-up yourself if:

The financial assessment officer will be able to give you more information about these circumstances during your financial assessment.

Who to pay the top-up to

The payment will be paid directly to your care home.

All parties must be happy that these arrangements are sustainable for the whole time that you’re in care.

Moving from private care home fees to council funding

Normally we’ll only fund your care at the standard contract rate.

If your care home asks for a top-up payment when we’re contributing towards the fees, and you or a third party aren’t in a position to pay, it may be necessary for you to move to another care home that will accept our rate without an additional payment.

Cost increases

It’s usual for care home fees to increase each year. You or your third party will be responsible for any increase in the top-up payment that may increase at a different rate to what’s paid by us.

Any increase to the top-up payment can only take effect on the anniversary of your placement at the home and following at least four weeks written notice to you and the council.

Further information

Read more about:

  • paying for care on the Age UK website
  • care home on the NHS website
  • employing a welfare rights agency or a solicitor. The Financial Services Authority say that financial advice which relates to long term care issues can only be provided by suitably qualified people. All members of the Society Of Later Life Advisers have passed these stringent tests

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