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Transition to Adult Services

Transition means that once you become an adult at the age of 18 you will have different teams providing you with Education, Health and Social Care. This is because you are now considered to be an adult and different specialists will be involved in your care.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding transition.

What Happens at Transition?

A Care Act assessment will be undertaken at the age of 18.  The Care Act Assessment is an assessment of your current health and support needs.

Who does the Care Act Assessment?

The Care Act Assessment is conducted by a qualified social worker in the Disability Enablement Service.  They will visit you in your home and talk to you and the people that care for you.  At this time they will identify what your future plans and goals are, what you want to achieve and how you can be supported to do this.

The Social Worker will then present their findings to the Adult Social Care Team and together with the Disability Enablement Service they will suggest and agree a package of care and support for you.

Will I have a Health Screening assessment?

Once you are 18 years of age and you have a diagnosed Learning Disability the Disability Enablement Service (DES) will make a referral to the Community Learning Disability Team. This team will invite you in for an appointment and assess your health needs.  This team will then work with DES social workers to agree the right package of support.

If you have very complex health needs then we will arrange for a Continuing Health Care assessment.  This will assess you to see if you require further support from health commissioners.

Will my package be 5 days a week?

Your package will be based on the findings of the Care Act Assessment.  As an adult it is unlikely that you will have a package for 5 days but you may have a combined package that may include some days at a centre like Ellingham or you may have direct payments that will enable you to create a flexible package that best meets your needs.

For example you could spend one day attending a course with the Adult Learning Service to support you to gain employment.  You could use your funding to have a PA support you with a work-placement or to help you go shopping. 

What happens to my EHCP?

Once you have met your outcomes in your EHCP and you and your carers and the APRO agree that your plan should be ceased then the DES team will send you a letter informing you that we will cease your plan.

We will not cease your plan unless you are in:

  • Employment
  • Have undergone a Care Act Assessment
  • Have a support package in place

You will have the right to appeal if you do not agree with us ceasing your plan.

What if I have a problem in the future who will I contact?

Once you become an adult you will still have the same APRO unless we are ceasing your plan.  If we cease your plan we will tell you who your new key worker will be and which service will be involved with your care. 

This is likely to be:

Community Learning Disability Team
Adult Mental Health Team
Complex Care Team
Adult Social Care

What if I have a job and something goes wrong?

If you have gained employment and something goes wrong then you can contact us and if we cannot help you we will put you in contact with an organisation that can help you.

Waltham Forest Disability Enablement Service - 0208 496 6503

Access to work - 0800 121 7479

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