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Safe & Well Campaign June 2019

Following the success of Safe & Well 2018, we bring you Safe and Well 2019 – to raise awareness of improving practice themes and trends and the work of the four Strategic Partnership Boards:

In Waltham Forest the four boards work closely together in a Think Family approach, making the best use of resources, to make the greatest impact on improving outcomes for our residents. 

The Strategic Partnerships Unit supports all the boards to deliver their priorities and has coordinated Safe and Well Month. 

As frontline practitioners, you may not be aware of the boards or how their work directly relates to yours and we want to change this. We also want to raise awareness of the themes and trends for improving practice that come out of our audits and reviews.

Through Safe & Well we want to share as much learning and information with you and improve our practice as a partnership.

There are a range of activities coming up in June such as seminars, presentations, training, resources to watch, read and listen to, signposting, and sharing good practice etc. See below for what’s on offer and what to look out for.

Find all Safe and Well events for 2019

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