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Support and advice for carers

There are many different sources of advice and support for carers in Waltham Forest. 

To find out if you’re eligible for support you can first visit Carers UK for a breakdown of the eligibility criteria.

Practical support in Waltham Forest

We commission support services for unpaid carers in Waltham Forest from Carers FIRST, a charity that’s been supporting carers for the last 25 years. 

It specialises in providing a range of emotional and practical support, advice, information and guidance to carers.

Visit the Carers First website for updated information on the services they offer to carers in Waltham Forest.

The carer’s support plan

The carer's support plan is a plan of action for the carer, outlining what you can expect to happen after your needs assessment.

Through the assessment process, the needs and outcomes you want to achieve should be identified. The carer's support plan will look at how these outcomes can be achieved, to help you get the most out of your daily life.

Carer personal budgets

The Care Act 2014 enables you to have your eligible needs met by the local authority in the form of a carer personal budget, taken as a one-off Direct Payment. 

The personal budget is to help you meet your identified needs and look after your own wellbeing, as discussed in your assessment and support planning stages. This could be relaxation courses, a short break, gym membership, studying fees or equipment such as a laptop to stay in touch with friends.

The aim of the carer personal budget is to promote your sense of well-being and to support you to continue in your caring role, whilst achieving the outcomes that are important to you. 

Download our free support app for Waltham Forest carers

If you are you looking after somebody, Jointly is an app helps keep everyone in the loop.

Developed by Carers UK, Jointly is an innovative mobile and online app designed to support people looking after a loved one. Waltham Forest Council is offering Jointly for free to carers in our area.

To find out more and obtain your free promo code download a copy of the Jointly Information Leafet.pdf (469 kb) from this page.

Useful links for adult and child carers

Carers FIRST

This association has information online and in print. It provides welfare and benefits advice, organises regular carers’ groups and social outings, and speaks up for carers’ needs to local health and social care providers.

Early Help for young carers

Our service offers support and advice to young carers between the ages of 5-18 years.

The Care Act and carers 

This sets out the rights of carers and how these have changed under The Care Act.

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