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What’s the Virtual School?

The Virtual School isn’t a school that exists in real terms, or as a building. It’s a group of staff made up of teachers, including a head teacher, and specialist workers. They’re responsible for ensuring that the educational achievement of children in care and care leavers is supported, so you can achieve your full potential.

The Virtual School does this by working closely with your social worker or leaving care coach, your schools or college, your foster carers and other important professionals to ensure you receive the right support.

The Virtual School is also responsible for ensuring your educational progress and attainment is monitored and reviewed. The plan of how to do this is written up your personal education plan (PEP). 

Where required, the Virtual School can provide children in care with additional special support including:

  • specialist tuition
  • access to private tutors
  • help with books and materials
  • help with the provision of laptops and other IT equipment where this is necessary

If you want to discuss your PEP or other support needs, please contact:

Val Naylor, Executive Headteacher


Fay Blyth, Head of School

What’s a person educational plan (PEP)?

All children in care will have a written personal education plan, which is known as a PEP. The PEP is a written document which describes the support that you will receive to enable to you to achieve educational success. The PEP is written by your social worker with support from you, your teachers and the Virtual School.

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