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Financial advice

Managing your finances can be tough, especially when money is tight. 

Here you'll find advice about what to do now and how to plan ahead. 

If you’re worried about debt

Getting into debt is nothing to be ashamed about and the sooner you get help, the easier it’ll be to make a plan and begin to manage it. Ignoring or not facing up to the problem will only allow it to grow.

There are some things you can do now to start managing your debt:

Plan future care costs and retirement

Planning for potential future care costs and retirement is something that we should all be doing now.

Think about whether:

  • your savings and investments are in the best accounts and schemes
  • you’ll be able to pay for the level of care and support you would like
  • you’ll have enough finance to support you in later life
  • any pension arrangements you have are secure and will give you the best returns possible
  • your finances and other affairs will be properly looked after if you can’t look after them yourself
  • you have a legally binding will and are confident that your affairs will be dealt with how you want them to if you die.

An independent financial advisor is the best person to check these with you. They’ll offer impartial advice to make sure you get the best packages for you.

Independent financial advisors

To guide you through your personal care costs, you're entitled to independent financial advice. 

Further information about financial advice:

Where to get advice:

  • has a network of 15,000 independent financial and restricted whole-of-market advisors.
  • VouchedFor features exclusively independent advisors. The website hosts reviews of independent financial advice, checking them to make sure they're from genuine clients.

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