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Residential Housing for 19 to 25 year olds

Residential accommodation provides 24 hour support which can include personal care such as dressing, eating meals or supporting you to access the community. 

Residential housing for young people with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHC) would be offered based on a Care Act needs assessment. The assessment will identify your needs, your care, support and the type of support package that will be needed.

This type of housing support is available for young people who are vulnerable and who have complex medical and learning disability needs.

Residential housing placements will not always be in Waltham Forest and you could also be placed in another borough.

Accessing a residential placement

To access a residential placement, the Assessment Planning and Review Officer from the Disability Enablement Service will present the case to a panel for direction. This will trigger a social worker to complete a Care Act assessment. Your housing needs will be explored as part of this.

Normally, if you require residential living it is unlikely that you will need to maintain an Education Health and Care Plan. If this is the case your current care package will be reviewed by the Disability Enablement Service and transferred over to adult services where it will be reviewed annually.

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