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Your feedback and the Local Offer

The most important part of developing Waltham Forest's Local Offer website is to continually consult with our parents, carers and young people. To highlight some of the most significant new features of the site, we have created the below list of the most popular requests and updates we have successfully delivered.

WATCH: Waltham Forest DfE SEND Consultation

NOVEMBER 2017: Live Opportunities on the Local Offer

Young people in Waltham Forest provided feedback over the summer period that they would like an area where they could view and apply for work opportunities that are currently available. These opportunities would include apprenticeships, work experience placements and volunteering activities as well. 

Following considering by the Council's Local Offer board we have now implemented a new Live Opportunities area on the Local Offer where you can find a full list of these types of opportunities in the borough. The listing is regularly updated so don't forget to keep checking back to see what's new each week!

Click here to view the Live Opportunities listing

JUNE 2017: New ways to give feedback

Govmetrics icon

In June 2017, the Local Offer was upgraded to give you even more ways to provide your feedback to us.

This update included:

Govmetrics (page rating system)
If you look to the right hand side of any page you will see three types of smiley faces you can click on to rate the page you are viewing. This new tool will also allow you to provide written feedback and leave you details so you can be contacted if a response is required.

Is this information correct?
All of the services that are listed on the Local Offer now have a new option called "Is this information correct?". Keeping the Local Offer up to date is one of our key priorities so you can use this quick and easy way to let us know if the service is no longer running or just needs the contact details updated.


In the first week of December 2016 more updates were made to the Local Offer. A focus group with Waltham Forest Parent Forum was undertaken to review how we can make the site more accessible and as a result the below improvements have been made. The Council have also ran a research programme where users were asked to review the site and give feedback on how accessible it is. The following changes have now been made as a result to make the Local Offer easier to use for people with all types of impairments.

Search Bar
The Local Offer now has its own search bar on the home page which allows you to search only Local Offer related content as opposed to the rest of the Waltham Forest Directory.

The Local Offer has been subject to a professional accessibility audit which means it is now more accessible to users with additional needs. This means that users that are using assistive technologies such as screen readers will have a much improved experience.

Fresh new look
The Local Offer now has a clearer design with larger font size too so the site is now much easier to navigate.

OCTOBER 2016: Disability is Everyone’s Business Roadshow

The disability Enablement Service commissioned DPTV to promote the Local Offer and to make sure our residents and business community are aware that “Disability is everyone’s Business”

2 large screen TV’s were placed in  The Mall and the Market Place, over a 7 day period.  A short 2 minute video was played and leaflets about the Disability Enablement Service and the Local Offer were handed out.

The Stats:

The video was seen over 900 times

And 1280 residents received leaflets and information about the Disability Enablement Service and the Local Offer in the Mall.

1085 residents were engaged in the Market place.

Disability is everyone’s business.


Following in depth consultation with families and professionals in Waltham Forest the new Local Offer website is now live!

There are a massive range of updates some of which include:

  • Updated look and feel
  • Accessibility features including Browse Aloud (see below)
  • Dynamic search bar
  • Improved and more visible Information, Advice and Guidance pages

JULY 2016: Listen to any page with Browse Aloud

Following feedback received from users of the Local Offer the site now has its on speech tool which allows users to listen to any page as audio without having to download and install additional software on your device. This tool also help ensure that the Local Offer meets current website accessibility standards.

Browse Aloud also lets you download pages as MP3 audio files, translate pages into other languages and much more.

To start using Browse Aloud now, simply click on the orange circle in the top right of this page. To access a quick guide to using the tool just click on the "?" icon on the toolbar.

JULY 2016: Information Advice and Guidance Pages

Information Advice and Guidance pages or (IAG pages) are pages on the Local Offer which are dedicated to providing information around particular areas. These highly useful pages are now more accessible then ever and will appear in a new area at the top of your search results called "Related Information".

In addition to this, the new Local Offer will now also automatically return IAG pages from NHS Choices national information site too on a wide range of conditions. These pages will be labelled with "Article provided by NHS Choices" at the top of them.

SEPT 2015: Age Ranges

Parents of Waltham Forest asked for a Local Offer where all of the content is structured around age ranges so only information relevant to their child or young person is displayed. We have also sorted all our 300+ provider records into our new age categories too so service listings are automatically filtered by age.

SEPT 2015: New Landing Pages

The new Local Offer has over 100 new landing and advice and guidance pages which are all interlinked to make the new site much easier to navigate. The information contained within these pages e.g. Education, Health and Social Care has been provided directly by professionals from these disciplines. Don't forget to also take a look at the related services on the right hand side of each page for other information that you might fine helpful!

SEPT 2015: Parents Hint and Tips

A brand new bespoke section of the Local Offer called Parent's Hints and Tips which contains over 100 different services, activities and equipment that parents of disabled children in Waltham Forest have found useful. All information within this section has been provided by Waltham Forest Parent Forum.

Click on the link at the side of this page to visit the new Parent's Hints and Tips sections.

Help us develop the Local Offer

We want your comments. Tell us what you think about the Local Offer online and the services you get from us and others providers.

We will regularly review the Local Offer to:

  • make sure we give you up-to-date information.
  • take into account your suggestions and feedback.

Get involved and join Waltham Forest Parent Forum or young peoples groups.

To provide feedback or find out more about getting involved in the Local Offer simply email

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