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Support with drug use

If you use drugs you could be putting your health at risk, regardless of how frequent your use is. Common illegal drugs are cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and heroin. Common health effects are:

  • Lung diseases including asthma
  • Heart problems and increased risk of heart attack
  • Serious viral infections (HIV, Hepatitis C)
  • Emotional and psychological problems
  • Unintentional harm or injury

If you want to change your drug use, or need held with problems caused by drugs, contact CGL Waltham Forest, a free confidential service for people who live in the borough.

Contact number: 0203 826 9600

Prescription drugs

Always take prescription drugs according to the instructions you were given by your health care professional.  If you have any questions about the prescriptions you have, the best place to start is with your GP.  Pharmacists are also able to give you information and answer questions about your prescriptions, even if you take several at once.  Never give someone else a prescription drug that was written for you.

Club drugs and new psychoactive substances

There are new drugs available that many people use when they go to clubs or parties.  They used to be known as legal highs.  CGL also offer a service for non-opiate users which includes group and one to one support. They can also harm health and are now illegal to trade or give away. For more information visit the Frank website. 

Young people

CGL Young People (CGL YP)– Waltham Forest offers a free confidential drug and alcohol outreach service for young people under 18 (including young offenders) and families in the borough. They can offer support for those who would like some information/advice about substances as well as those who may be using themselves.

They are a team of substance misuse specialists who won’t judge or tell you what to do. They are here to listen and support you to make positive choices and changes. They also work with young people affected by parents or carers with substance misuse problems.

To make a referral or for more information contact the team at 020 3002 7009 and email or Simone James.

CGL Young People are also an outreach service, and can visit young people wherever it is most convenient for them or where they feel comfortable, Whether that is at your home, in school/college, at a local library or anywhere else that you feel comfortable.

Types of support include

  • Comprehensive assessment and care planning for young people
  • One- to- one therapeutic interventions
  • Group work programs
  • Information, support and training for families, carers and professionals
  • Education and awareness workshops
  • Support with ETE opportunities
  • Peer mentoring opportunities
  • Advocacy
  • Referrals to relevant services  
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