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Early Help: Support for young people

Early Help 11 to 18 offers information, advice, support and development opportunities to targeted young people between the ages of 11 and 18 and up to 25 if they have a learning difficulty or disability for them to live and make a successful transition into adulthood and economic stability.

Referred young people

Opportunity and development workers (ODW) work with referred young people in a range of settings and venues in the borough. The ODWs provide ongoing support for targeted young people who need support to deal with:

  • teenage pregnancy, becoming a father or mother
  • immigration issues
  • family and relationships
  • drug and alcohol use
  • sexual health and relationships
  • emotional health and wellbeing
  • offending behaviours including affiliation into gangs
  • caring for a parent or relative
  • domestic violence
  • family history of alcohol and substance use
  • accessing services and support from other agencies and providers
  • advocacy

Restorative practice

What is restorative practice?
When an incident has occurred and as a result there is a harmed person and a harmer. This process gives the harmed a chance to meet and talk with the harmer. During this meeting the harmed can explain the effect and impact that the incident had on them, their life and how people around them have been affected. This helps the harmer take account and responsibility for their actions.

This is a voluntary process by which both parties wish to participate. The harmer must take responsibility for their actions and want to resolve the issue. The harmed must want to participate.

For more information go to the Restorative Justice website

722: drug and alcohol support

722 provide support for young people up to the age of 19 in Waltham Forest who use drugs and alcohol or are affected by someone else’s use.

722 is part of Waltham Forest child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS).

The main functions of the service are to:

  • reduce harm to young people caused by their drug or alcohol use
  • prevent escalation of young people’s drug or alcohol use and support them to reduce or stop their use
  • provide evidence based substance misuse interventions for young people and their families in line with NTA guidance
  • support universal and targeted services to meet young people’s substance misuse treatment needs and make appropriate referrals into specialist treatment
  • increase the number of young people who access drug and alcohol interventions through enhanced partnership working and by targeting the most vulnerable young people

If you are worried about yourself, someone in your care or someone you work with as a professional you can refer to the service.

722 is only able to support a young person if they consent to be seen by the service.

For more information is available from North East London Foundation Trust

Support for families

The service provides support to parents, carers and family members through interventions that enable them to support the young person in the family. This includes providing relevant information and advice, including how to refer into treatment.

Family support is provided whether the young person is accessing specialist treatment or not.

The service works in partnership with other agencies working with families to advise on substance misuse.


Tel: 020 8496 1530

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