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2YO Partnership Pathway

Working together to give Waltham Forest families the best start in their children’s lives.

The 2YO Partnership Pathway has been developed jointly by the local authority, health and children and family centre services. The intention of this pathway to give Waltham Forest families the best start in their children’s lives. By working together we intend to identify children who may have additional needs and their families, offer a holistic support and intervention and empower the families through this.

Each service has a unique role to play but we are working together as one.

Throughout the journey the families will be encouraged to check their 2 year olds eligibility for free early education entitlement to take up a place at a childcare provision. This can be checked using the early years checker

Health NELFT

The NELFT Universal 0-19 Team will offer children a health and development review when they are two years old. The Health Review is the first step in the pathway where any additional needs are identified and where families first are offered support. Also, at this Health Review referrals may be made to NELFT Specialist Children's Health Services. When the families consent to share this information with the other services involved this then leads them onto the next step of the pathway as they will be signposted to the Early Years and Childcare Team and Children and Family Centre Services.

It is vital families are consenting to share their child’s information knowing this is to benefit the family to access all universal and targeted resources and available to them.

LBWF Early Years and Childcare Team

If the child is already attending a childcare provision, the Early Years and Childcare team will support the child through the EY SEND Core and Targeted offer which supports SENCOs and EYFS leads to support children in settings through developing support plans, accessing special services and applying for relevant funding.

Another role of the Early Years and Childcare team is to advice and support families to find suitable childcare and advise them on options to fund this such as free early education entitlement or tax-free childcare.

Children and Family Centre Services

Children and Family Centre offer a range of services for supporting children and families.

Lloyd Park Children’s Charity will invite children and families accessing this pathway to engage with 12 weeks of stay to play sessions. Here they will access the Learning Book which will help family support the child with their learning and development and be allocated a key person.  The Learning Book is a digital system in which parents and practitioners work together to track the child’s learning and development through pictures and videos.  It is exclusive to each individual and their family and aims to help all children to reach their potential.

The key person also completes Family Confidence Wheel Assessment to identify any area of support who may need as a family. By completing this the Children and Family Centre can direct families to practitioners who can offer advice in areas such as housing, finance, jobs, parenting programme and any other area information may be required. If the family needs meet the Early Help threshold, an Early Years Champion will continue the support for the family alongside the Children and Family Centre Services, working in partnership with the family and professionals.

The family may also access HENRY who support families give their children the best start in life. Strategies may be shared with the family to support child’s behaviour, sleep, healthy eating and language and communication.

Once the child has accessed 3 months of universal and targeted services they will be encouraged to take up a place at a childcare provision. If the family does not want to take up a childcare place they can continue to access Waltham Forest through the universal services.

When children and families engage with the universal services, professionals working with them can ensure there is effective and timely intervention which will improve the life chances for all the residents in Waltham Forest.

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