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What is care and support?

Care and support describes the help some adults need in order to live as well as possible with any illness or disability they may have. It can include help with things like getting out of bed, washing, dressing, getting to work, cooking meals, eating, seeing friends, caring for families and being part of the community.

It might also include emotional support at a time of difficulty and stress or even giving others a lift to a social event. 

Care and support includes the help given by family and friends, as well as any provided by the council or other organisations.

There’s now a national level of care and support needs that we’ll consider when we assess what help we can give to you. If you’re eligible for care and support it’ll make it easier for you to plan for the future.

Your wellbeing

Many of us will need care and support at some point in our lives and most people will pay something towards the cost of their care.

Any decisions about your care and support will be based on your wellbeing and what’s important to you and your family.  This is so that you can stay healthy and remain independent for longer.

You could benefit from the recent changes to the Care Act 2014 if you:

  • receive care and support
  • support someone as a carer
  • are planning for future care and support

You'll have to undergo a needs assessment to find out if you're eligible for care and support.

Support for carers

Caring for someone covers lots of different things, like helping with their washing, dressing or eating, taking them to regular appointments or keeping them company when they feel lonely or anxious.

If this sounds like you, you may be able to get more help so that you can carry on caring and look after your own wellbeing. 

Visit our support and advice for carers page for more information.  

For a carer’s assessment please contact Waltham Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000 or email

You can also contact Carers FIRST on 0300 303 1555. They specialise in providing a range of emotional and practical support, advice, information and guidance to carers and they are commissioned by the council to provide carers services in Waltham Forest.   

The Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 came into effect on April 2015 and will help make care and support more consistent across the country. The following has now been introduced:

  • new national level of care and support needs to make care and support more consistent across the country
  • new support for carers
  • deferred payment agreements for care costs

More changes to the way people pay for care and support will be introduced in 2020. These will protect people with the highest needs from facing unlimited costs, and provide more financial support to people with modest means. These changes include:

  • a lifetime cap on care costs
  • extended financial support

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