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Shared Lives for 19 to 25 year olds

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Shared Lives is a housing scheme which helps young adults who want to share in family and community life.

People can access Shared Lives if they have a learning disability, are a care leaver, or have a physical or sensory disability. 

Shared Lives is usually a stepping stone towards further independence

In every Shared Lives home you’re helped and supported by a carer who will share their home with you and include you as part of their family.

Support ranges from personal care to practical support and helps to promote the strengths and abilities of individuals. 

Shared Lives carers are located throughout Waltham Forest and all are family homes that offer long or short stays, and can also include respite.

You’ll have your own bedroom and the use of other rooms such as the bathroom, living room and kitchen.

To access this service you will need to contact your social worker or Assessment Planning and Review Officer (APRO).

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