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Disclaimer for the Personal Assistant Network

Individuals using the Personal Assistant Network (the Network), should be aware that the information published on the site is based on information declared by users of the service only. The London Borough of Waltham Forest (the Council) does not give any guarantee as to the suitability, quality or accuracy of the information posted on the site whatsoever. 

The Council cannot be held responsible for any loss or liability which may arise from lack of statutory compliance being adhered to. Except where expressly provided in law, the Council shall be under no liability whatsoever to users of the Network. 

The information on the Network does not represent recommendation or endorsement of a job vacancy or for any personal assistant (PA) registered on the site.

It is strongly recommended that individuals wishing to use the Network:

(i) take the time to visit the information pages which contain useful information on the processes involved when employing or finding work as a PA;

(ii) carry out full disclosure checks on any PA you are considering to employ; and

(iii) arrange appropriate insurance cover for an example, employers’ liability insurance, public liability insurance, personal accident insurance, legal costs insurance etc.

If you decide to use the Personal Assistant Network to find a PA or advertise yourself as a PA you must agree to the terms and conditions when you register on the site. Alternatively, you may wish to look for PAs independently or register yourself with another organisation.

Please also take the time to read the main Council website disclaimer.

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