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To become self-employed you need to have a good business idea and a business plan. You may also need to have the finances to set up your business. There are lots to think about being self-employed. You'll need to decide what type of company you want to be, such as a sole trader, a partnership or a cooperative.

You’ll have to do lots of research on who your customers and your suppliers are going to be. You’ll need to register your company at Companies House and register to pay your taxes online.

Although it’s hard work to set up and maintain a business, it may be the most suitable type of employment for you.

Help and support

There are lots of places where you can get help and support to set up and grow your own business:

GOV.UK - Starting up a business
GOV.UK - Set up as a sole trader
GOV.UK - Newly self-employed
GOV.UK - Business Support Helpline

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