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Alcohol and drug misuse

‘Alcohol is the third biggest risk factor for illness and death and 1.2 million people are affected by drug addiction in their families – mostly in poor communities across the country’

Get further information on the types of alcohol and drugs misuse and where to go for advice and support.


Drinking more than the recommended amount of alcohol is called alcohol misuse. 

Long term misuse of alcohol can damage your health, quality of life, work and relationships.

If you're worried that you may have health problems because of alcohol, contact your GP. Be honest about how much you drink to make sure that you get the right advice.

You can also view a listing of alcohol support services here.


If you use drugs you could be putting your health at risk, regardless of how often you use it. People who use drugs usually have problems with money, housing, jobs and other social issues. 

You can find a listing of drug misuse support services here.

Prescription drugs

Always take prescription drugs according to the instructions you got from your health care professional. 

If you have any questions, ask your GP. 

Pharmacists can also give you information and answer questions about your prescriptions, even if you take several at once.  

Never give someone else your prescription drug.  

Young people

722 Young People’s Service provides confidential support for young people up to 19 years old who use drugs or alcohol or are affected  by someone else’s use.

They also support parents and carers worried about a young person using drugs or alcohol.

Get support

You can get further advice and support from:

  • Lifeline Waltham Forest - a free confidential service for people that live in the borough who are concerned about their drinking or need help to change their drug use.
  • Frank - provides national advice on drugs, their effects and addiction.

You can also click here to view a listing of drug and alcohol support services on the Waltham Forest Directory.

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