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Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy for 5 to 11 years

Therapy services are provided by health professionals  who enable you to support your child to achieve their potential in communication, physical skills, daily activities and independence.

A referral to these services is required and can be made via the GP, nursery or school.

Children's Community Physiotherapy Team

The Children’s Community Physiotherapy Team provides specialist physiotherapy assessment, advice and intervention to children who have longer term difficulties or conditions which affect their movement, motor development and function.

Find out more about the Children's Community Physiotherapy Team

Children's Occupational Therapy Team

The children’s occupational therapy service helps children with disabilities and difficulties participate as fully as possible in their everyday activities.

Find out more about the Children's Occupational Therapy Team

Children's Speech and Language Therapy Team

The speech and language therapy service provides specialist assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of communications and/or feeding and swallowing difficulties for children and young adults to the age of 19.

Find out more about the Children's Speech and Language Therapy Team

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