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Sensory Needs for 0 to 5 years

Living with hearing and visual impairments and other sensory processing disorders is a lifelong challenge. In addition to the many national organisations offering advice and support, there is also a wealth of help that’s available in your local area. 

Specialist Children’s Community Nursing Team at Wood Street Health Centre

Specialist Children’s Community Nursing comprises of three teams, all of whom work together to provide continuity of care for children and young people who have additional or specialist health needs.

Find out more about the Specialist Children’s Community Nursing Team

Integrated Neuro-ophthalmology service

Barts Health provide an integrated Neuro-ophthalmology service to the local population of Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Redbridge and Newham.

The Neuro-ophthalmology service caters for patients who suffer from a variety of conditions such as optic nerve disorders (swelling, pallor), pupil abnormalities (unequal size, abnormal reaction to light), impaired eye movements (nystagmus, nerve palsies) and loss of visual field (strokes, space occupying lesions).

Find out more about the Integrated Neuro-ophthalmology service on the NHS website

Sensory Resource Service

If you have a visual or hearing impairment and are finding it hard to manage you can get help and support from our Sensory Disabilities Resource Team. This is a free council funded service that can offer, depending on your eligibility:

-  A rehabilitation service
-  Equipment for day-to-day living, for example flashing doorbells, telephone amplifiers, television amplifiers and Minicom
-  Training in communication skills - using British Sign Language or Deaf Blind Manual
-  Advice and information on what is available locally, regionally and nationally

If you feel this service will help you or the person you are caring for contact the Access and Assessment Team by calling 020 8496 3000. If you are having inpatient treatment at Langthorne, Whipps Cross or Chingford Hospitals you can ask ward staff to contact hospital based social workers for you.

Find out more about the Sensory Resource Service

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