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You can claim different benefits at different times in your life. The benefits you claim will be dependent on you and your families circumstances. 

To claim benefits you will need to know what support you need and can do this using the advice and support on offer using the below links.

Understanding Benefits

There are various benefits that you can claim for your child and yourself, these will be dependent on what your needs are.  You should contact the Job-centre in the first instance to understand what you can claim for.  Before doing this you should think about the type of help you need and what you need the help for.  For example you may need help with personal care or for a mobility aid.

If you find it confusing  to understand how to make a claim then you may want to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or an advocacy agency or speak to a social worker.  If you know someone in similar circumstances you may want to contact them as they may be able to offer you  guidance on how to make claim based on their experience.

Visit GOV.UK Benefits Advice helplines page

Visit GOV.UK Disability Benefits information page

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