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Growing up can seem scary, the Disability Enablement Service help to ease the journey of young people from Children Services to Adult Services.  Once we receive a referral, a social worker will conduct an assessment,  they will ensure suitable provision is made available.

Our aim is to ensure that every young person in education with a Special Education Need has support in place, advice, guidance and information before they become an adult. This support could be to access services in the community, to live and become more independent, have access to day opportunities, domiciliary care, travel assistance, respite care, education and support to go into employment. The Disability Enablement Service will support and empower you every step of the way. 

How the Disability Enablement Service can help

Transition can be a challenging time for young people and their families but the Disability Enablement Service are there to support this process by:

Offering and Conducting Carers Assessments
This gives parents/carers the receive the necessary   support in order to look after their child and young people or other family members;

Gathering Information
In order to find the right provision they research into different services that can support the young person and their family.

Facilitate the service provision
Once they have found a provision that is suitable for the carer and their needs, then ensure this is accessible to carers which can include a referral and in some cases securing funding for specific services. This means that they need to make sure that they have all necessary information to do so. Services can include Carers Groups, Take a Break, Direct Payments, Accommodation Respite. 

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Holiday Services

In the holidays there is various opportunities to go use, with the help of a social worker/ social work assistant to search for the different services catering your needs they can find provisions like:

Personal Assistance Support
With the use of direct payment you can receive personal assistance support at different provisions, once an assessment has been conducted a social worker can ensure you receive this according to your need.

Holiday Schemes
Various holidays schemes are open to our young people, they include clubs, day time, weekend and evening activates and social opportunities.

At times parents/carers need a break from their caring role, a social worker will then support with a short break to stay.

Contact the Disability Enablement Service

Disability Enablement Service
Wood Street Health Centre
E17 3LA

Telephone: 020 8496 3000


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