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Personal Budgets for 19 to 25 years

A personal budget is funding which is allocated to an individual for the help and support they need. Individuals can choose to take their personal budget, or part of it, as a direct cash payment, which they can spend on services, or if they wish they can choose to let the Council arrange the services they require.

A personal budget is the total amount of money it will cost to meet the extra individual needs of a child or young person. If your child has an EHC plan, or you are a young person with a plan, you can use part of the budget to buy some of the services set out in that plan.

The part of the budget you have control over can come from education, health and/or care services.

You don’t have to control part of your personal budget. If you are not sure whether you want to, you can talk to your special educational needs (SEN) officer, who will help you decide. He or she will do this when you write up your plan together.

Find out more about personal budgets in Waltham Forest download and read our Personal Budgets for SEN and Disabilities Leaflet.

Find out more about Personal Budgets on LBWF website

Direct Payments

A direct payment is money the council gives you to buy the care or services you need.

Direct payments must be spent on services or equipment to meet your assessed care needs.

The money can be used for:

  • Employing personal assistants or home carers
  • Buying services from a home care agency
  • Buying specialist equipment
  • Buying any other services which you have been assessed as needing.

You can decide to manage the budget yourself or get it managed for you. You can also ask us to arrange and organise services for you, or have a mixture of both. Our staff will help you with advice and support.

For more information download the Council's Factsheet on Direct Payments.pdf (163 KB).

For more information download the councils Factsheet and Leaflet on Pre-Paid Card (PPC)

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