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My Wellbeing Plan

Welcome to Waltham Forest's health and wellbeing planner.

My Wellbeing Plan is an easy to use online tool which allows you to create a plan of action to boost your family's wellbeing and make positive changes. Your plans can be as long or short as you like and contain anything you want to do from being healthier to getting out and about and meeting people.

The tool also provides information and advice to support you in meeting your goals. You can save this information as part of your personalised plan.

There are three different health and wellbeing planners you can use, depending on your situation. There’s one for individuals, one for families and one for people who are carers. The planners are easy and fun to use, simply choose one and click Start my plan.

Please be aware that Waltham Forest Wellbeing Plan tool is covered by our Corporate Privacy Notice.

1. Individual Wellbeing Plan

Adults wellbeing wheel

The individual wellbeing plan is for everyone aged over 18 years that wants to improve their wellbeing and make positive changes. Do you feel isolated in your community, or do you have a disability and want to be more independent? The planner contains details of local clubs and groups in the borough. Take a look, you might get find something you’ve never thought of trying before.

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2. Family Wellbeing Plan

Families wellbeing wheel

The family wellbeing plan has lots of advice and information to help improve the overall wellbeing of your family. This includes family activitieseducation supportchildcareparenting, and disabled children.

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3. Carers Wellbeing Plan

Carers Wellbeing Wheel

The carers wellbeing planner has been designed to assist people who are currently looking after somebody in a caring role. Whether it is an older relative or a person with an illness/disability, there is a variety of information to help, such as carers’ support groups and personal care advice.

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