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Aquajoy Junior Plus Bathlift Headrest - Blue - Child Bathing Aid


Product Information

This optional Headrest accessory is designed to be used with the AquaJoy Junior Plus Bathlift . Soft, strong and easy to attach, it provides greater support for the head while bathing. The AquaJoy Junior Plus Bathlift fits in a family bath without installation, including corner baths, and comes in 2 lightweight pieces which are easy to assemble and take apart. Your child can recline or sit upright using the floating hand control which comes with this battery operated bath lift and use the pair of detachable wings for extra upper body support. Easy release suction feet with lifting bar make the AquaJoy Junior Plus Bathlift simple to take in and out of the bath, whilst the range of additional accessories including a \\'push in, pull out\\' pommel, wedge cushion to sit under knees, washable patterned cover mats, secure chest and lap safety straps can be purchased separately to fit your child\\'s unique requirements.

NRS Healthcare

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