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Health in schools

In Waltham Forest we do a lot to support the health of young people. Being the first borough to ban fast food near schools, we are also working with schools to ensure that people start early to implement a healthy lifestyle. Read Health in schools:…

Health protection

The health protection team works to protect the health and wellbeing of residents in the borough from infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis (TB), flu and food poisoning.

Healthy Eating Week - Be Sugar Smart

Too much sugar is bad for our health. Sugary foods and drinks are one of the largest contributors to obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay. Recommended daily allowance for adults and children aged 11 and over is 30g (7.5 tsp of sugar) each day. For children aged 7 to 10 the…

Healthy food swaps

Choosing healthier foods is easier than you may think. By changing just a few eating habits you can make a big difference to your diet. Making small changes to your diet is the healthiest and most achievable way to lose weight. Your first step is to eat fewer foods high in…

Healthy living

Building a healthy lifestyle often involves eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and even visiting your doctor for a health check now and again. The rewards are endless, as not only does this improve your physical health but also your mental wellbeing. Healthy living now…

Healthy weight

Adult obesity is on the rise in the UK. Being overweight or obese can damage your health and lead to illnesses such as: cardiovascular (heart) disease diabetes, and some cancers

Heart disease

As well as NHS Choices, the British Heart Foundation provides information and advice on preventing heart disease.

Help after rape and sexual assault

If you have been sexually assaulted, whether as an adult or a young person, it is important to remember that it wasn't your fault. Sexual violence is a crime, no matter who commits it or where it happens. Don't be afraid to get help. What…

Help and support for people with dementia

A dementia diagnosis can come as a shock to the person with the condition and those around them. However, there are sources of help and support for everyone involved. It's natural to worry about the future, but it's important to remember that you're not alone.…

Help with childcare costs

There are a number of schemes and support available to help parents pay for the cost of childcare.
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