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Benefits are provided by the government to help people on low income who are unable to pay for basic needs.  They’re also provided for people with a long term condition or disability who have to spend extra on help.

Financial advice

Managing your finances can be tough, especially when money is tight.  Here you'll find advice about what to do now and how to plan ahead. 

My Wellbeing Plan

Welcome to Waltham Forest's health and wellbeing planner. My Wellbeing Plan is an easy to use online tool which allows you to create a plan of action to boost your family's wellbeing and make positive changes. Your plans can be as long or short as…

Power of attorney, deputyship and appointeeship

For some people there comes a time when you can no longer make decisions about your finances, care or other personal matters. In this situation, you can if you have the mental capacity to do so, appoint someone to look after your affairs called a power…
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