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Clubs, groups and community centres

There are many opportunities to get out and about in Waltham Forest. You can try our: clubs and societies interest and hobby groups day opportunities and centres libraries and museums leisure centres theatres

Equipment and Living Aids

Waltham Forest Equipment and Living Aids online marketplace is where you can browse and purchase a range of products that can assist you in all areas of your home. The products listed have been taken from external provider's websites and listed in this section for…

Independent living and community

If you’re finding it hard to live independently as you’re getting older, or you have a health condition or a disability, then we can offer you support to either stay in your home or to find alternative accommodation. Spending time outside your home and travelling…

My Wellbeing Plan

Welcome to Waltham Forest's health and wellbeing planner. My Wellbeing Plan is an easy to use online tool which allows you to create a plan of action to boost your family's wellbeing and make positive changes. Your plans can be as long or short as…

Safety when you're out

The following tips will help you to feel and stay safe.

Shopping for food

Everyone's unique and has different reasons why shopping for food may be difficult. It could be that you’re unable to drive, can't carry your shopping bags, get tired walking or can't see the food labels because you’re visually impaired. Here are some options to help…

Specialist, community and public transport

For tips on how to feel and and stay safe outdoors, visit our page on safety when you're out.

Supporting healthy communities

The places we live, work and play have a direct link to our health and wellbeing. Supporting safe, healthy and inclusive environments is vital to ensuring residents enjoy a good quality and long life. Public health collaborates with a number of partners to influence the…
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