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Children and family centres

Children and family centres offer a wide range of activities, services and support to families with children under five. There’s no need to make an appointment - just come along and join in. Download Roleplay activity timetable - January to April 2020

Guidance to your child’s learning and development

What to expect, when? A parents guide is a booklet that has been designed to help parents/carers find out more about how their child is learning and developing during their first five years. Children develop more rapidly during the first five years of their lives than…

Health and wellbeing

Guidance and advice on dealing with long term conditions, planning for and having a child, coping with mental health issues and living a healthier more balanced lifestyle. Scroll down the page to access advice and guidance on all health and wellbeing matters.

Health Guide for Children in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest CCG has developed a downloadable guide, website and app to help parents looks after the health of their children. 'A Parent's guide to Child Health and Common Illnesses’ is packed full of tips to help parents safely manage any worrying symptoms safely at home, and…

Health in schools

In Waltham Forest we do a lot to support the health of young people. Being the first borough to ban fast food near schools, we are also working with schools to ensure that people start early to implement a healthy lifestyle. Read Health in schools:…


Immunisation is the best way to protect your children from serious diseases. Have your children immunised at the right times to make sure they stays healthy and prevent the spread of childhood diseases. Immunisation against certain illnesses in adults is also important. Check that you…

Maternity and child health

Here in Waltham Forest we have a number of resources to support parents and families lead a healthy wholesome life. Download this parent's guide app to find out what to do when your baby or child is ill.

Mental health

Having good mental wellbeing contributes to your mental health and helps protect you from developing mental illness. Mental wellbeing is how you are feeling and how well you can cope with daily life.

My Wellbeing Plan

Welcome to Waltham Forest's health and wellbeing planner. My Wellbeing Plan is an easy to use online tool which allows you to create a plan of action to boost your family's wellbeing and make positive changes. Your plans can be as long or short as…

Public health in Waltham Forest

On 1 April 2013, the Waltham Forest public health directorate formally became part of the Council. This change has not affected how people access health services. You can find out more about the change on the London Councils website. The public health team exists to promote…
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