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Nutritionist Resource

Nutritionist Resource is an online directory advertising qualified nutritionists in the UK.

If you are looking for a professional nutritionist to help you make positive changes to your diet, then Nutritionist Resource is the perfect place to begin your search.

What's our story?

The idea...

Back in the early noughties, finding a suitable professional online was no mean feat.  The concept of intelligent social networking online was only in its infancy, and online directories were frustratingly lacking in the information people really wanted to know.

Early directories tended to list only names, addresses and numbers. For us, this just wasn't enough.

At this point our close friend was going through a difficult time and needed help from a counsellor. Having nothing but a list of names and numbers to sift through made the all-important selection process no easy task - it was impersonal, uninformative and only made a stressful situation harder.

And so the idea of Counselling Directory was born.

We didn't just want to give people a name and contact number and send them on their way, we wanted to make sure that people found the professional that was right for them. We wanted to create a search process that was not only quick and simple to use, but also human.

We launched our company in 2005 and now visitors have instant access to full, detailed profiles written by the professionals themselves. With photographs, 'about me' sections, qualifications, experience, fees and contact details, visitors are now able to see exactly who they are dealing with in an instant, without even having to get in contact. Counselling Directory has revolutionised the way people find help for often serious problems.

And then we grew...

We realised that our idea didn't just apply to finding a counsellor. Advertising directories listing other professions seemed to be just as lacking. Upon realising this, we began to spread out into other areas we were equally as passionate about. We now have a huge online presence and rank highly in search results. We receive hundreds of thousands of hits a month and are proud to have connected thousands of individuals with the professionals best suited to their needs.

Nutritionist Resource: our aim

Health experts unanimously agree that healthy eating could hold the key to a long, healthy and happy life. We at Nutritionist Resource believe that for this reason, everyone should have easy access to quality nutritional advice from professionals.

To make it easier for members of the public to find what they need, we have created an online directory that is completely free for visitors to browse at any time, from anywhere. Visitors can browse a wealth of health and nutrition related information from reliable sources, read articles written by nutritionists and dietitians, find out about upcoming events, read the latest nutrition news from across the globe, and browse our directory for a nutritionist or dietitian.

Our service is diverse but our aim is simple: to put visitors in touch with professional nutritionists best suited to certain needs.

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