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British Red Cross International Family Tracing Service

The aim of the British Red Cross family tracing service is to restore contact between families who have been separated by armed conflict, migration or disaster.
The Red Cross can help you find your family members using several methods. The first method involves us helping you to fill out a form, which is then sent out to the Red Cross or Red Crescent organisation in the country you think your relative is in or, alternatively, the International Committee of the Red Cross. The second method involves the sending of Red Cross messages to areas where communication has broken down due to natural disasters or war.

A Red Cross message is an open letter containing family news. Owing to the neutrality of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, messages can be passed over borders and through conflict lines. We are also able to help people being held in detention centres in the UK, and may be able to provide a confirmation of your detention if you were visited by the International Committee of the Red Cross whilst being held.

To find out more about our family tracing service, please visit our website using the below link.

Who to contact

020 7704 5686
Visit our website

Where to go

Aztec Row
N1 0PW

Please contact the Red Cross in the first instance.  In urgent cases, you can contact your local Red Cross centre.

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