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Working Families Helpline

The Working Families Helpline helps parents, carers and their advisors with all of their questions on their rights at work.

Parents, carers and their advisors can contact the Working Families Helpline on 0300 012 0312 for free advice and support.  The Helpline Team is happy to answer queries on areas including

  • maternity and paternity leave and pay
  • maternity discrimination
  • parental leave
  • time off for family emergencies
  • the right to request flexible working
  • in-work benefits

Help is also available by emailing

Who to contact

0300 012 0312

Working Families provides advice to parents and carers who work or wish to work. We have a legal helpline for free advice on maternity, paternity and flexible working rights, problems at work, discrimination and in-work benefits. The helpline is run by a team of solicitors and advisers and has an Advice Quality Standard Quality Mark. Call 0300 012 0312 or email 

Our website offers a wealth of advice and information on employment rights and benefits for working parents.  

You might find our services useful if you work in a children’s centre, family information service or a citizens advice bureau. Or you may be a midwife, a youth worker or some other voluntary or local authority service provider who works with parents. 

We also run the ‘Waving not drowning’ network for parents of disabled children, and carers, offering support and advice for those who are in work, or who wish to work. 

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