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Waltham Forest Thamil Sangam


Our aims and objectives are to organise sustainable programs of action and provide facilities to meet the following needs of the Tamil community as outlined below.

  1. To teach Tamil children the language of their parents as an additional language along with fine arts and foster values of Tamil culture.
  2. To teach refugees and Tamil people the language, norms and values of England and English culture so as to facilitate their harmonious integration into the English society and their participation in the social, political and economic life of England.
  3. To teach mainstream subjects such as English, Maths, Science and Computing for the children who have learning difficulties including language difficulties and for those who need additional help.
  4. To provide for the provision of the necessary facilities for the daily care, recreation, education for the members of the local community irrespective of their race, gender, religion or social background.
  5. To provide advice and assistance on health, housing, employment and coordinate with the local facilities to meet the needs of the newly migrated and refugee parents, children, youth and the elderly.
  6. To provide for the sports activities of children and youth and provision of facilities for such purpose.
  7. The provision of facilities for the elderly to get together so that they could organise and participate in activities that will fulfil their individual and spiritual needs that is not available otherwise.
  8. To assist and provide for the voluntary return and resettlement of refugees and persons wishing to return back to their homeland by,
    1. Providing information on situation and opportunities in their homeland
    2. Creating opportunities for profitable employment and amenities within homeland for the returnees to facilitate their safe return and resettlement.
    3. Assisting the return of refugees and persons wanting to return to their homeland.
    4. Supporting and liaising with organisations within the homeland to advance the above objectives.
  9. To coordinate and corporate with other groups and associations to achieve the above objectives. Provide information and resources to other groups and organisations with similar objectives in order to provide efficient facilities to the community.
  10. To conduct regular feedback, monitoring and consultation sessions to identify the evolving needs and to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the current services and methods.
  11. To provide further facilities as necessary for the families and their children to meet their cultural and social needs which will pave the way for the smooth social inclusion and to address the issues directly or indirectly related to crime, disorder, anti-social behaviour, drug addiction and poverty.

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Mr. Bala. Ravindran
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Waltham Forest Thamil Sangam
Willowfield Humanities College, 38
Clifton Avenue
E17 6HL
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