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Royal Association for Deaf People

Together with Deaf people; creating a better more accessible future.

Founded in 1841, the Royal Association for Deaf people provides services to Deaf people in their first language, usually British Sign Language (BSL) and supports mainstream providers to be more accessible to Deaf people.

For more information, go to or contact  Voice Phone: 0300 688 2525, Text Phone: 0300 688 2527, Fax: 0300 688 2526

Royal Association for Deaf people promotes equality for Deaf people through the provision of accessible services direct in people’s first or preferred language:


Information, Advice and Guidance

Specialist advice workers advise on topics such as tax, benefits, housing and council services and support people to understand complex written communication. Services are delivered face-to-face through outreach services in some parts of the country and also via webcam.

For Tax Advice and contacting HMRC in BSL visit


Advocates support people to explore choices, support people to speak up and be listened to, challenging those who make unfair assumptions or treat Deaf people unfairly. Advocacy is independent, time-limited and free.


Employment Services

Specialist Employment Advisers achieve lasting results through the provision of a unique, personalised employment support service. We understand the barriers to employment and we work with both employee and employer to secure sustainable employment for Deaf people.


Children, Families and Transition Service

Our Children and Families Service supports all families, where one or more members of the family unit are D/deaf, by providing information, support and accessible and inclusive activities.

Our Youth and Transition Service supports young people from secondary school and throughout transition into adulthood. We recognise the challenges and the isolation that some young D/deaf people face and we work with them to help them to achieve their full potential.

Many of our activities and services welcome children and young people with all levels of hearing impairment.


Communication Services

Our professional, competitively priced service provides high quality British Sign Language/English Interpreters, Deafblind Interpreters, Lipspeakers, Note-takers and Speech to Text Reporters. We also provide an emergency service that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Community Support

We provide specialist support for Deaf people with additional needs such as learning disabilities and/or mental health challenges and the people who care for them.


For more information, go to or contact  Voice Phone: 0300 688 2525, Text Phone: 0300 688 2527, Fax: 0300 688 2526

Who to contact

03306 882 525

Where to go

Century House South, Riverside Office Centre
North Station Road
London Road

This is RAD's head office address - please note delivery operates within the community.

Other Information


Referral Details

We accept referrals from other professionals.


Local Offer


Deaf children and young people are able to take part in our programs. We are able to support Children and Young People of all ages, activities will be specific to the promoted activity.

Contact Name
Daniel Clements
Contact Telephone
0300 688 2525
Contact Email
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