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E-Flow is part of Waltham Forest's Gangs Prevention Programme and runs activities such as: 

Weekly indoor Parkour/Free Running training sessions using professional Parkour Athletes & Coaches to teach basic foundation techinques, strenghtening and conditioning.

  • Weekly outdoor Parkour/Free Running training sessions sessions using professional Parkour Athletes & Coaches to teach how to use foundation techniques in an outdoor environment.
  • Group mentoring sessions focussing on achieving ambitions & goals, raising aspirations and empowering young people.
  • One-to-one mentoring sessions for young people most at risk of becmoing NEET.
  • Inform local residents, schools, youth services and authorities of the activities available.
  • Market the activities in the local press, emails, telephone, social network sites and through direct flyer distribution.
  • Employ 2 professional Parkour Coaches
  • Employ and train 2 volunteers
  • Employ 4 youth mentors


  1. To raise aspirations of young people most at risk of gang involvement and gang-related activity, changing mentality from being ‘gang-related’ to ‘team-work’.
  2. To teach young people Parkour/Free Running skills (including a mixture of gymnastics, acrobatics, martial arts, athletics, dance/movement), strengthening bodies and minds and teaching the importance of healthy, active lifestyles.
  3. To harness individual creativity in each young person, supporting creative outlets and leadership skills.

 For more information please get on touch with us using the below details.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Dean Ibrahim
020 8090 8448
07825 718 918

Where to go

Various indoor/outdoor locations across Waltham Forest
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