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2Sleep Sleep Practitioners

2Sleep started through Waltham Forest Parent Forum when many of the parents had real issues with sleep in our children, irrespective of whether they had special needs or not.

After discovering help with sleep difficult to find we decided to become sleep practitioners, training with Southampton NHS and Scope Sleep Services.

As sleep practitioners we hope that we will be able to share with you strategies and techniques to improve your child's sleep.

In doing so we also draw on skills gained from our previous careers, journeys with our own children and the experiences that we have had with the parents in the forum.

You might need help if.....

Your child won’t go to bed, wants an extra story or a drink

- Your child has difficulty staying asleep

- Your child can't settle in bed by themself

- Your child wakes too early

- Your child has nightmares or night terrors

- Your child might wet the bed

- Your child might sleep walk or talk in their sleep

- Your child might gind their teeth

- Your child might have a breathing related disorder

- Your child might head bang or rock their body

Who to contact

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07914 308227
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This is a formal seminar. We are unable to provide crèche facilities or accommodate children at the session.

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