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Tree House School


We deliver provision as set out in a child’s Statement of SEN/Education, Health and Care plan, and supplement this with support from our in house Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and behavioural therapists as needed.

TreeHouse School is led by the Headteacher and the Senior Leadership Team. The children and young people are grouped in classes of up to seven, according to age and ability. A multi-disciplinary team of Qualified Teachers, experienced Behaviour Analysts and Allied Health Professionals (Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists) work together to provide an integrated approach to teaching and learning. From Year 10 and above, Vocational   Specialists also work with pupils and the staff team to plan and deliver meaningful work related learning opportunities within the school and local community.

All our staff engage in a thorough induction programme.  Our ABA tutor training programme is a two year competency based training programme.  This programme along with a robust CPD programme ensures that pupils at TreeHouse School are taught and supported by a workforce highly trained in autism and specialist educational and behavioural approaches.

Each child’s programme is coordinated by a class SENCO, who will work with the child, the family and the other professionals around the child to ensure progress towards learning goals.

Progress checks are carried out through a comprehensive assessment cycle throughout the year. This includes specific assessments that help us identify the potential barriers to learning associated with each child’s unique presentation of autism and learning difficulty, and whether skills learnt at school have been successfully transferred to home and/or community environments.  These assessments are in addition to those typically used to measure progress in school (e.g. National Curriculum Levels) and help us tailor teaching and interventions to ensure that teaching is effective and contributes towards children achieving their desired outcomes.

Find out more about our approach to teaching and learning on our website here:

Who to contact

Contact Name
TreeHouse School
020 8815 5424

Where to go

The Pears National Centre for Autism Education
Woodside Avenue
N10 3JA

Many of our pupils are supported to attend their educational placement at TreeHouse School through the provision of local authority funded transport e.g. bus or taxi with an escort.
We have a car park
You can find further details on our website.

Other Information


TreeHouse School only admits local authority funded pupils, except when there is no statutory entitlement to such funding - for example if a child is a foreign national temporarily living in the UK, when an alternative source of funding such as the employer may be acceptable.


Referral Details

Parents / carers who are considering applying for a place at TreeHouse School for their child are encouraged to visit the school. Visits can be arranged by contacting the school admissions officer. Regular Parent Visiting Afternoons are held once per half-term. Admissions are governed by the availability of places within the school and relevant age group at any time.

A child must have a diagnosis of autism or a related communication disorder and a statement of special educational needs or Education, Health and Care plan. Applications may be received directly from parents or from local authorities. When an application is received from parents, TreeHouse School will advise them to inform their local authority, by talking to their named SEN Officer, about TreeHouse School being their preferred placement.

Following an initial assessment based on the documentation available for a child, an assessment at the school may be offered (if deemed appropriate) to determine whether TreeHouse School can meet the needs of the child. If TreeHouse School feels that a child’s needs can be met, and a suitable place is available, an offer will be made dependent on TreeHouse School being named in Part 4 of the child’s statement or Section I of their Education, Health and Care Plan.

To support children in settling in to TreeHouse we offer:
• Phased or ‘soft’ starts
• Home visits initially to get to know the child and family and for them to get to know the staff
• Visits to previous settings
• Offer of training in specific areas for parents

Local Offer


We cater for children with autism and complex learning difficulties. We were set up by parents of children with autism in 1997, and are part of Ambitious about Autism – the national charity for children and young people with autism.
For further information see our website.

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