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Our Vision

A world full of peace, understanding and harmony in which people are aware of their obligations to one another and their creator through the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw).

Our Mission

  • To advance both religious and secular education
  • To produce multilingual scholars who are charismatic and understand the needs of the day
  • To promote spirituality as a practical concept
  • To revive the Islamic Sciences and deliver them in an easy to understand way for our youth, women and society
  • To serve the needs of poor people across the world, in particular Asia and Africa
  • To promote interfaith dialogue and harmony
  • To promote wider community engagement at a local, regional, national and international level


We have been established in the United Kingdom and it is our belief that the best way of preserving and spreading the word of Islam is through Education. Our aim is to bring the benefits of a comprehensive Islamic education and teaching to Western Society.

We deliver a syllabus for Muslim children aged between 4 to 15 which progresses students through various stages of Islamic learning to equip themselves of life. The syllabus is designed to allow youth to face the new challenges of the decline in Islamic morals. It combines classical and modern teachings. Ultimately, we aim to create youth that have had moral, spiritual, intellectual and practical needs addressed through an Islamic upbringing.

Alternative address is:

757 Lea Bridge Road



E17 9DZ

Who to contact

020 8521 2323

Where to go

8, Corbett Road
E17 3JZ
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