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Fairy Ballerina Parties (Twinkle Toes Health and Wellbeing project)

This program has been imaginatively created to educate younger children on the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Having worked with children as a dance teacher and entertainer for many years, Suzanne has since fused her holistic background together with her fairy character Tinkle Toes for a fun interactive experience.

Suzanne has studied yoga, living foods nutrition and reiki and also has an extensive arts background. Whilst in the USA she often offered healthy eating demos for the dance school she worked for  and here in the UK has also worked a long side a local school with some food education as Tinkle Toes making smoothies and tasty desserts with no processed sugars. She likes to show that fruit and vegetables don't have to be boring and that they can be very tasty.

Our current lifestyle is fast paced and unbalanced leading to poor lifestyle and diet choices.

Parents are often strapped for time and or money will choose the quickest and most likely not the healthiest option. Quite often people are confused about what are the healthy options to choose and also don't realise that fast food can actually end up costing more money. The problem with this is that childhood diseases are on the rise such as obesity and diabetes type 2, certain cancers and attention disorders are also linked to poor diet.

Suzanne feels very passionately about  children having the best start in life and giving parents the tools to be able to upgrade choices for the family for better health.Suzanne also aims to show parents how to prepare healthy foods quickly and also show how planning ahead can save time and boost levels of health and wellbeing.

Ideally parents would participate with this program so that real changes can be made at home for the whole family.

Who to contact

07935 465719

Other Information


1 Hour standard party - £140 Fairy ballerina interactive adventure Games or can include more fairy stories Free pair of wings 2 Hour Standard party - £200 Fairy ballerina interactive dance adventure Games Choice of arts and crafts or healthy fairy kitchen Free pair of wings Birthday Gift Prizes for games Please note there will be a break for tea in the two hour parties where Tinkle Toes will be on hand to help 2 Hour Deluxe Party - £260 Includes all of what the standrd 2 hour prty includes extras include Deluxe fairy costume Free ebook Tinkle Toes adventures comics


Age Ranges
3 to 7 year (approx)
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