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You’re a carer if you regularly look after someone without payment who:

  • is ill
  • is disabled or frail
  • has an addiction or mental health issues
  • cannot manage such things as washing, cooking, eating, cleaning or getting about without your help
  • you provide emotional or other support

The person you care for may be a relative or a friend and they may not even live with you.

The Care Act

Since 1 April 2015 carers have had the same rights to assessment and support as the people they look after. 

Support for carers is the help and advice that carers can get from the council, national services and local networks.

To find out if you’re eligible, visit CarersUK for a breakdown of the eligibility criteria.

Carers FIRST, our carers service provider can also give you advice, information and support when you need a helping hand.

For more information, you can read The Care Act 2014.

Create your own carers wellbeing plan

My Wellbeing Plan is an easy to use online tool which allows you to create a plan of action as a carer to boost your wellbeing and make positive changes. Your plans can be as long or short as you like and contain anything you want to do from getting out and about to learning new skills as a carer.

Start my wellbeing plan

Download our free support app for Waltham Forest carers

If you are you looking after somebody, Jointly is an app helps keep everyone in the loop.

Developed by Carers UK, Jointly is an innovative mobile and online app designed to support people looking after a loved one. Waltham Forest Council is offering Jointly for free to carers in our area.

To find out more and obtain your free promo code download a copy of the Jointly Information Leafet.pdf (469 kb) from this page.

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